IT Networking

We live on networking, it is what we do 24 hours a day, communicate and work with HP and other vendors directly to keep our clients up to date with the most advanced technology in the market.

Mesh Topology

A device is connected to another device through a dedicated point-to-point link. A Mesh Topology is easy to correct , and data traffic is smoother with few computers. Mesh has no hub, each computer acts similar to a hub.

Star Topology

All computers sends data to a hub to communicate with other computer, it is less expensive easy to install, if one link fails, other links will continue to work. troubleshooting is easy to solve. If hubs fails all other devices will be disconnected, and needs more cable than other topology.

Bus Topology

One main cable where all data passes through, save time and easy wiring. Limited to how many computers can be used on this Topology. not used for large business, hard to fix, and a break in the line causes all computers to be disabled.

Ring Topology

When sending data to another computer, it has to pass through another computer depending on direction, if one computer stops working between the two computers than the data is not able to reach its destination. not preferred for medium or large business.

Hybrid Topology

When two or more topology is used to allow switching to the topology that is useful for the business. It is difficult to maintain.