We Have all the equipment that can help your business grow and a certified team that can install, update, and replace hardware.


We provide consultation on hardware needs. Your business needs certain hardware depending on the service you provide or the programs you are using such as Adobe Photoshop, CAD, or any engineering program.


Depending on your software, you may need more Ram that allow your application to run smoother. Example of software needing more Ram would be Photoshop, CAD, Engineering software, running many application at once, or just to make your computer smoother.

Disk space

Disk space is important when it comes to companies using large files, Video’s or many files. Most companies have 1 terabyte or more.


Sometimes it can become overwhelming to choose which computer your company needs. We can provide the correct computers needed to save you money and time in future.


There are different types of cable, some cables can slow down your network and wear out faster if the chosen correctly.

Point of Sale

That all point of sales are the same, it all depends on what your business provides to customers, you cannot have a POS designed for restaurants in a car dealership.