We love clouds, they come in all different shapes and sizes. We know what your business needs. Not all cloud services provides the same solution. We can help you determine which cloud you need.

1. Personal Cloud Storage

A subset of public cloud storage that allows users to save and access data from any location that has access to the internet on any device. The data can also sync between devices. Example:,,, and Google storage.

2. Public Cloud Storage

Data stored on a server to allow the public access without any control over the data. Only the provider can control the data on the server.

3. Private Cloud Storage

A cloud storage integrated at an enterprise data center. The storage has an infrastructure that is managed by the IT department and it’s more secure than a public storage.

4. Hybrid Cloud Storage

A combination of public and private cloud storage where data is can be on either one. Depending on the data type and use and importance’s of the data.